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dzikichomik commented Jun 3, 2016 edited

Is there a chance that rr will support Rspec version 3?
At present I got strange error: undefined method 'to_sym' for #<Object:0x00000003f09a30> when I use Rspec v. 3.4.

apohllo commented Jun 3, 2016

To be more specific, that error appears when rspec-mocks are loaded.
When it is not loaded, I've got undefined method 'stub' for #<RSpec::ExampleGroups....

kou commented Jun 4, 2016

There is no plan to support RSpec 3.
If we support RSpec 3, we'll create rspec-rr gem instead of implementing RSpec 3 support into rr itself.

contentfree commented Jul 19, 2016 edited

Is there a reason the rspec-rr gem hasn't been created? It seems like it's mostly just the adapters/rr_methods.rb file that was moved to RR::DSL (and the stuff in the integrations directory)

kou commented Jul 20, 2016

Because nobody doesn't work on it.
If you work on it, I'll create rr/rspec-rr repository for you.

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