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Cm9 beta 3 google play broken. #83

Mozzo opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Hi guys, great work with the ICS builds. awesome stuff.

i upgraded from beta.2 to beta 3 last week. all worked well except google play. this i discovered wont load at all. I then did a factory wipe, loaded the ics build rom scratch and applied beta 3. Still no good.

ps ive one back to beta 2 fr now.


I can 2nd this. Either need to add more steps into "howto" and explain how to flash google apps, or to fix this asap.


@ mozzo: you need to flash the gapps after updating to beta 3.
@ zogg: download to sdcard, start in recovery and flash this zip (do not select "flash", but the other one)
@ all: this has been covered in the thread on tabletroms. if your error is not solved after using solutions from the forum, please post the step you have taken.


Yep, issue solved.

But the problem was, that there was nowhere writen that at some point should be flashed. One more bullet point would do the trick for others like me. ;)


it was written in the FAQ thread...... try it sometimes, it might sove some of your questions :-)


Fix works fr me. Thanks


@sandervanzijl I did read the FAQ, i did read the "install from ground zero" guide, i did read the 120 pages of original ICS thread. And after that much of reading, one will surely lose the track of whatever has to be done.

Im am talking about

I'v just received the Adam. This was my 1st time flashing Adam. I went through the guide (above). The installation went flawlessly. Beta3 upgrade - flawlessly. And then Appstore crashed. And two days of googling ensued. Until I gave up and noticed that github's issues are being resolved and there is somebody else with the same issue.

In conclusion, you provide awesome software pack, but one of it's parts lack a few lines of documentation. Wouldnt it be great, to save those days of pointless googling for the next Adam user? :)


I've found all the adam ics threads on Tablet roms now.

@Mozzo Mozzo closed this
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