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Blackhat 2012 Sample Codes
C++ Assembly C
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Qualys Vulnerabliity & Malware Research Labs (VMRL)

Blackhat 2012 Presentation Samples

TiTle: A Scientific (but non academic) study of how malware employs anti-debugging, anti-disassembly and anti-virtualization technologies

Authors: Rodrigo Rubira Branco - rbranco NOSPAM Gabriel Negreira Barbosa - gbarbosa NOSPAM Pedro Drimel Neto - pdrimel NOSPAM

The samples are divided in four categories: Anti-Debugging Anti-Disassembly Obfuscation Anti-VM

Anti-Debugging POCs were developed in C/C++ using Visual Studio 2010 and Assembly with Flat Assembler, they are in the folder Csrc and ASMsrc, respectively.

Anti-Disassembly and Obfuscation POCs were developed in Assembly with Flat Assembler and are available in the folder ASMsrc.

Anti-VM POCs were developed in C/C++ using Visual Studio 2010 and is available in the Csrc folder.

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