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Just a space for little js experiments
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A space for little js experiments

Ignore most of the things here.

What's here

  • Playing with nextjs pages to see how they work
  • A dumb page that lists a bunch of umd courses
  • A dumb email-sender for the word assassins game

The only thing you might actually want to do is play word assassins. It's a great game, and this app makes running it just slightly easier. It lets you:

  • add names and email addresses
  • generates a single loop of players
  • and send emails to them with their targets and kill words

You still need to find friends, convince them to play, and enforce the rules.

If you want to run the word assassins code yourself

  1. Get things running:
$ yarn install
$ yarn dev
  1. Use the tool
open localhost:3000/
hit the + button to add names / emails
hit 'generate test set' to match people with targets / words
hit 'send secret emails' to send secret emails
  1. In order to actually send emails:

Set GMAIL_USER and GMAIL_PASSWORD env variables.

You'll need to click a button in your google security settings to allow this kind of access. This is not a particularly good idea, so you should probably create a special-purpose account for this, instead of using your real account.

Note: if you actually deploy it, someone else could use the tool to kick off a game of their own. What a thought. of course, it'd need to be deployed with the env variables set...

Second Note: Google locks down its security pretty good for gmail these days. Just an email and password won't be enough! Thankfully, trying to send emails with the username / password credentials triggers a helpful security alert, and a few clicks away is the settings page where you can 'Turn on insecure apps'. Again, use a throwaway account.

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