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Changes in version 3.4 - Unreleased
Add OSGi metadata to the main rrd4j jar.
The LinearInterpolator can now uses an enum instead of a integer, the old method is now deprecated.
RrdGraphDef.setColor now uses an enum.
All exceptions thrown by RRD4J are now subclass of org.rrd4j.core.RrdException, for a more precise exception handling.
Changes in version 3.3.1 - 5 Oct 2018
A rebuild of 3.3. Since Java 9, it's dangerous to build pre-9 java without checking against the old runtime.
Changes in version 3.3 - 28 Sep 2018
Updated NIO backend to work on java 9+.
A few update to code from sonarcloud recommendations.
Changes in version 3.2 - 11 Nov 2017
Better management of multiple backend of the same kind. To do that, URI can be used instead of path and the RrdBackendFactory can take a list of active backend that will be checked in order.
Each backend managed and generate URI using different kind of scheme.
As URI is used internally now, it's dangerous to change the default backend once some rrd are used because it can change the internally generated URI. To avoid that,
either change the default factory once at the beginning or only use URI for rrd's path.
Allows longer that 20 characters in datasource names, the new limit is now 65535 characters.
A offset is encoded in the datasource name, using the private use area from unicode ( So if a long name is used and the rrd read
by an old library, the name returned will be the long name reduced to about 17 or 18 characters, depending of the length of the file, with a
few undisplayable characters appended. But if this area is already used for some custom usage, some strange results will happens.
RrdBackend.setFactory should not be public it's not to be used by end user. But to late to make it private and final as it should be.
MongoDB backed end updated to 3.5.0.
Adding an experimental features, that try to downsample before rendering, see for rational. It's used
by calling RrdGraphDef.setDownsampler(). It must be given an implementation of DownSampler. Two example one, and are given.
Findbugs run resolve somes bugs.
RrdDb is now
Not yet ready for Java 9.
Changes in version 3.1 - 1 Jan 2017
Added improved control on time label, by using custom instance of org.rrd4j.graph.TimeLabelFormat instances, thanks to brharrington (
Added support for MAXNAN, MINNAN
The XML export format date use an ISO8601 like format, and output time in UTC.
* Fixed Issue 80: Error with resolution in fetch requests
* Fixed Issue 65: Fix crash when requested time is outside of archive range (for rrdtool archives).
Changes in version 3 - 15 Aug 2016
Dropped support for Java 6.
Removed gradle and ant build.
Improved the RPN calculator performance.
Added support for VDEF like datasources. They are functions that take a datasource and output a single value. They can be user defined by implementing the abstract
class A Variable class return a Value that can contain both a numerical value and a time stamp ; it's useful for functions like Max
that can return both an maximum value and when it occurred. They deprecated old aggregation functions.
More precise font selection, with more configurable elements.
gprint can take any previously defined datasource that is a defined from a Variable.
Line, vrule and hrule can be defined using a java's Stroke, not just a float width.
Line and Area can be stacked at will, without the needs of a stack.
* Fix imageio*.tmp not cleaned up in temporary dir when graphing
* Initialize more values when creating a rrd, allow .rrd file reuse without breaking (cf issue #75).
* Merge pull 71: Request Added hashCode method to DsDef class
* Fixed Issue 58: Glue marker doesn't work correctly
* Fixed Issue 60: Expose org.rrd4j.core.jrrd.DataChunk internals
Changes in version 2.2.1 - 14 may 2015
Except for some added RPN and default version for rrd, this is strictly a bug fix release.
A new faster and deadlock free pool.
Javadoc is no longer in the source repository.
Default version for rrd file is 2.
Added a lot of missing RPN operator.
* Fixed Issue 63: Fail to create RrdDb instance from a XML created by RRDatabase instance and a test case for it.
* Fixed Issue 61: Rewrite jrrd.RRDFile to use MappedByteBuffer
* Fixed Issue 59: ArcDef - please override hashcode
* Fixed Issue 56: ImageWriterTest.testGif fails
* Fixed Issue 52: Normalizer is broken when input data are sparse
* Fixed Issue 49: Graph: clipping region is off in x dimension by 1, so data point at t0 does not show on graph
* Fixed Issue 48: Graph: out of range values forced to min & max give the illusion of data at those values when there is none
* Fixed Issue 45: ADDNAN patch for rrd4j
and many more bugs.
Changes in version 2.2 - 4 Nov 2013
* Fixed Issue 24: Less intrusive grid
* Fixed Issue 26: please expose RrdNioBackendFactory.close() to shut down the syncer pool. Added a setSyncThreadPool to RrdNioBackendFactory, see Javadoc for more details.
* Fixed Issue 28: RrdPool requestRrdDb not freeing RrdEntry on error
* Fixed Issue 29: add support for horizontal and vertical spans
* Fixed Issue 31: improve support for logarithmic axis
* Fixed Issue 32: Error adding datasources when rrd file is not is the the same filesystem as /tmp
* Fixed Issue 34: add option to set x-axis color
* Fixed Issue 37: when stacking data sources, having data with NaN creates a broken graph
* Fixed Issue 38: Data Wrong in XML
* Fixed Issue 39: Data Wrong in XML
* Fixed Issue 39: RPN TIME operator does not return the time for the timeslot.
* A few improvements to graph rendering
Changes in version 2.1.1 - 6 Dec 2011
* Invalid rrdtools file import
Changes in version 2.1 - 24 Nov 2011
* Fixed Issue 1: Key colours don't match the graph when using transparency
* Fixed Issue 10: some parts of this code has GPL license?
* Fixed Issue 12: Make RrdMemoryBackend better extensible
* Fixed Issue 13: RrdGraphConstants FontConstructor should close InputStream
* Fixed Issue 16: Released *.jar contain no class files
* Fixed Issue 11: rrdDb.createFetchRequest.fetchData.getAggregate(Total) does not return the correct value for step sizes other than 1.
* Implemented Issue 15: Support for version 0003
* Minor fixes and improvements.
Changes in version 2.0.7 - 22 March 2011
* Added RrdToolkit.addDataSources(..)
* Various minor fixes
* Added support for ATAN, ATAN2, DEG2RAD, RAD2DEG, NE.
* Added a n-th percentile in RrdGraphDef (Bacchella Fabrice)
* Fixed issue 9
* Fixed issue with fetch request resolution (Patrick Lightbody)
Changes in version 2.0.6 - 12 Jan 2011
Major changes:
* Migrated to Google Code (
* Changed license to Apache License, Version 2.0
* Requires JDK 1.6
* Fixed aggregation of TOTAL
* MongoDB backend (see
* Removed JDK selection logic for the default factory - NIO is the default one
Minor changes:
* Added RrdDbPoolNew with better concurrency (Fabrice Bacchella) + fixed issue 11
* RrdNioBackend uses ScheduledExecutorService instead of Timer (and spawns daemon, named threads)
* Fixed minor issue in FetchRequest
* Fixed caching bug (Christophe Roudet)
* Fixed various typos
* Beautified RRD File Inspector
* Changed source dir to src/main/java
* Gradle (build.gradle) build script
* BerkeleyBD factory accepts a Berkeley Database object in it's constructor
How to use the MongoDB backend (for more information see
// connect to localhost:27017
Mongo mongo = new Mongo();
mongo.setWriteConcern(WriteConcern.SAFE); // syncs write operations
DBCollection coll = mongo.getDB("my-rrd4j-db").getCollection("my-rrds");
RrdMongoDBBackendFactory factory = new RrdMongoDBBackendFactory(coll); // automatically set as default factory
RrdDb rrdDb = ...
Changes in version 2.0.5
* Reverted changes to Sample in 2.0.3 (binary searching broke storage)
Changes in version 2.0.4
* RrdSafeFileBackend uses AtomicLong to track it's lock counters
* Fixed bugreport 2: in, the MIN case statement is missing. As
a result, gprint statements cannot display the minimum value of a data series as an aggregate function.
* Other minor changes
Changes in version 2.0.3
* Major performance and locking improvements with the BerkeleyDB backend
* 10% performance improvement in the Sample class (now uses binary searching to get the correct datasource)
* JRobin RRD file compability
* Less synchronization in RrdBackendFactory
* Other minor changes
Changes in version 2.0.2
* Minor improvements to RrdBerkeleyDbBackendFactory
* Applied patch from Renaud Bruyeron:
RrdGraphDefTemplate.resolveColors destroys COLOR_NAMES constant array, which breaks the parsing
of XML template file. Another issue fixed by the patch is that Util.Xml.getChildNodes() does not
filter out nodes that are not of type Node.ELEMENT_NODE - this breaks pretty much all the parsing
code in the *Template classes.
Changes in version 2.0.1
* Bugfix in TimeAxis where drawing area <= 0 would throw exceptions (Ronny Standtke)
* Bugfix in Archive.accumulate (break was missing)
Changes in version 2.0 (JDK 1.5 migration)
* Bugfix in TimeAxis miscalculated when width was smaller then the endtime
* Improvement: ConsolFun and DsType are now JDK 1.5 Enum's
* Removed RrdException, replaced by IllegalArgumentException in most places
* Usage of StringBuilder to improve performance
* Sleepycat Berkeley DB backend (see
* Varargs where usefull