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Magento plugin for Chile puntopagos payment gateway
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Puntopagos magento plugin


Full integration with puntopagos payment gateway.

Puntopagos its a gateway available for payment processing in Chile.

This plugin is here because I had to do an integration between Magento and Puntopagos and I wanted to make something cool and make it available.



This extension requires the pecl http extension version 1.7 installed and enabled No longer required since version v1.0.1

Here is a link for installation instructions on ubuntu: Install pecl http extension on ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Magento Composer Repository

If you are using the magento composer repository just add the androb/puntopagos dependency:

composer require androb/puntopagos

More about magento composer repository here


Download from magento connect


  1. Copy the contents of the src folder into your root magento folder
  2. Refresh magento cache


You must have a set of valid credentials from puntopagos, a valid secretKey and apiKey

Once you have then, go to

System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods

You will see 4 new tabs

Tab 1 : PuntoPagos - Gateway Global Configuration

In this tab you will configure the global params of the plugin


Whether or not the plugin is active

Key Id

Your puntopagos key id

Key Secret

Your puntopagos secret key

Sanbox Mode

Enabled by default for development mode, you will want to change when you release the store

Sandbox Url

The url for sandbox mode (You dont need to change it)

Producto Url

The url for production mode (You dont need to change it)

Payment icons base url

By default icons for payment options (i.e webpay, presto) will be retrieved using puntopagos images. (More on this below)

Generate invoice

Sucessful orders are set to processing state, active this if you want to get the invoice for such orders auto generated.

Debug Mode

Enable a very detailed log file in /var/log/puntopagos/debug.log

Order Log

Enable a less detailed log for each puntopagos order.

The logs are very useful to test integration and see what is happening

The other tabs

This plugin groups the payment options in three categories, so in the other tabs you can set the configuration for each payment group.

These categories are, Bank transfer for bank options, Commercial Cards like presto or ripley and Webpay for webpay payment options.

Tab 2 : PuntoPagos - Bank transfer


If the group bank transfer if available during checkout


A custom title for the group in the checkout process

Payment Options

Here you can select which banks are available or not (In sandbox mode you wont see any bank)

Sort Order

Allow establish and order between the other groups and payment options

Tab 3 : PuntoPagos - Commercial Cards

The options ir are the same as the bank transfer tab.

Payment Options

Here you can select which cards are available or not (In sandbox mode you will ripley only even if you enable all)

Tab 4 : PuntoPagos - Webpay

The options ir are the same as the bank transfer tab.

Payment Options

Here you can select webpay payment options (Webpay plus available in sandbox)

Payment urls or endpoints

By default puntopagos will ask you for 3 urls, these urls will be the way for the gateway to tell the store that something happened with the order in the gateway.

This plugin implements these order processing endpoints as well

Here is the url format for each one and his actions:

Failure url

The user is sent to this url when the transaction fails in the gateway The failure method will try to cancel de order (it might be canceled before by the notification endpoint)


Success url

The user is sent to this url when the transaction is successful A success page is shown to the user.


Notification url

The gateway sent notifications to the our store very time and order is processed. This url will process these messages and will update the order accordingly.


Both url are the same, but the first one is using parameter rewrites, is up to you.

NOTE: If you dont have rewrites enabled (if you see each url with index.php) you will have to append index.php between your base url and puntopagos

i.e: http://yourmagentobaseurl/index.php/puntopagos/index/notification?t=

By the way, enabling url rewrites and getting rid of index.php its a very good practice.

Payment icons base url (Optional)

In the global gateway configuration you will see this option. This is the base url for each payment option icon, by default it points to puntopagos server

i.e: For the Santander bank logo the image url is: (Santander logo, Santander option is number 1)

You only want to change this if you want to use your own icon versions.

You can inspect in the browser to find the name of each image so you can put in your CND and set your custom base url.

See above supported payment options by the plugin so you can know the code for each one.


Feel free to report any issue you find or any feature you like or dislike.

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