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This is the code behind Feel free to fork it to make it do interesting new things.

The project is run by rrenaud (, with contributions so far by Larry, rspeer, David Lu, and tlstyer.


Turbo frontend javascript hacking

super easy frontend modifications without any server setup:

checkout code from github.
google-chrome --allow-file-access-from-files
browse to local html pages (eg, dominionstats/supply_win.html).
edit local javascript files.

I just want access to some data!

Send ( a mail and I'll see what I can do.

Long, ardous but incredibly rewarding full setup

The code depends on:

Ubuntu Installation Commands for pymongo and webpy:

sudo pip install pymongo
sudo easy_install
mkdir db

Run an instance of mongodb with:

mongod --dbpath=db

After install those packages, the system can be setup by running the script, which will take a few hours to download one months of games logs from councilroom, and then parse through it all and load it into a database:


And after that is down, this starts webserver running on localhost:8080:


Hacking Guidelines

Python code:
  • Write it in pep8, even if I didn't all the time.

  • Wrap lines at 80 characters.

  • Try not to write super long functions, break them up into logical subfunction even if those functions are only called once.

  • Did you see something in the code is fugly and offends your natural sense of what is good in the world? I'll happily take style cleanups.

  • Anatomy of an analysis.
    • Want analysis to be incremental, can go day at a time.
      • Use an incremental_scanner.
      • Prefer using game.Game objects over raw game docs from the database. game.Game objects are easier to work with, and make maintence easier.
      • Since we want to be incremental, store raw counts in database, normalize them with divisions, etc at presentation time.
      • Want to keep track of a random variable that has some kind of spread? Use a stats.MeanVarStat.
      • Consider using primitive_util for serializing/deserializing objects that store the aggregate information.
  • How to do display?
    • Lots of existing server side templating in Python.
    • Prefer templates to programatically building up strings (even if if the existing code doesn't always).
    • Seriously consider outputting JSON from server like (/supply_win_api) and doing presententation in javascript (/supply_win), since it allows frontend development without running the whole system.
Javascript code:
  • Keep non-trivial bits of Javascript in seperate .js files rather than embedded in HTML. It makes my emacs happier.

Got a technical problem/question/idea? You can send an email to the dev group,!forum/councilroom-dev

Happy hacking.

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