Distributed clojure data structures through Paxos
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Consens is a library/server cluster for distributed consensus. It doesn't do much right now but we are already capable to boot up a paxos cluster.


Download from https://github.com/rricard/consens.


Paxos server node

For now, everything is in development so everything will pass through leiningen.

Ok, so let's start a single node (which is pointless...)

$ lein ring server

Let's store some keys inside and retrieve them ! (later this will be supported by a nice Clojure API too !)

$ curl -XPUT localhost:3000/mykey -d mydata
$ curl -XGET localhost:3000/mykey

At this point, nothing to be amazed !

Let's restart all of that by spinning 3 instances:

# in tty1
$ CLUSTER=http://localhost:4000,http://localhost:5000 lein ring server
# in tty2
$ CLUSTER=http://localhost:3000,http://localhost:5000 PORT=4000 lein ring server
# in tty3
$ CLUSTER=http://localhost:3000,http://localhost:4000 PORT=5000 lein ring server

Now let's write on one node and see it on the other nodes:

$ curl -XPUT localhost:4000/mykey -d mydata
$ curl -XGET localhost:3000/mykey
$ curl -XGET localhost:4000/mykey
$ curl -XGET localhost:5000/mykey

You can disconnect one node, write and still see a consensus. Disconnect the majority of the nodes, the consensus goes away !

If a node is disconnected, you can make him catch up with the cluster with JOIN:

# tty3
$ CLUSTER=http://localhost:3000,http://localhost:4000 PORT=5000 JOIN=true lein ring server

JOIN will try to catch up with first node in the cluster list. JOIN will fail if the this node is unavailable too !

If all the nodes gets disconnected, well, you lose your data. So here's my advice for now: DON'T YOU EVEN TRY TO USE THIS IN ANY KIND OF PRODUCTION SYSTEM. Of course, I want to make it better but if you still want to put it in production for whatever crazy reason: THIS IS MY FIRST CLOJURE PROJECT.

But that doesn't keep you from playing with it and even helping me making it a real, usable system ! PRs are welcome !


  • TEST THE HANDLERS, yeah that's bad ! The core funcs are tested but the whole system is not. I don't know how to tackle the problem right now anyway, I have to think a little bit more about it...
  • Simple, side-effect free, Client API. With futures if possible.
  • Try to integrate it with existing clojure protocols, I'll need to read more literature on that before I think ...
  • Oh ! and ... LOAD TESTING !


Copyright © 2014-2015 Robin Ricard

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.