Battery gauge for the pi-top (rev 1 and 2) on the pi-topPULSE led matrix
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pi-top-pulse-battery-gauge (pt-pulse-battery)

Battery gauge for the pi-top using the pi-topPULSE led matrix

The battery level is displayed as a multi-coloured battery icon on the 7x7 RGB LED matrix.

The charge state is sampled every 5 seconds.

The program is based on JezShed/PiTop-Unicorn-Battery-Gauge by Jez Shed and pt-battery by pi-top.

Alt text


This program works on the latest pi-topOS and can be used on both the pi-top rev 1 and rev 2, if a pi-topPULSE has been installed.

It also works on the latest Raspbian Stretch, if the pi-top device manager and the pi-topPULSE software have been installed. For detailed installation instructions, see:

Installation of the pi-top-device-manager on Raspbian Stretch

Installation of the pi-topPULSE on Raspbian Stretch


Open a terminal and type

  sudo apt update
  sudo apt upgrade
  cd Downloads
  git clone
  cd pi-top-pulse-battery-gauge
  sudo cp pt-pulse-battery /usr/bin

Starting pt-pulse-battery in foreground

Open a terminal and type


Use crtl-c to stop it, or close the terminal window

Starting pt-pulse-battery in background

Open a terminal and type

  nohup pt-pulse-battery >/dev/null 2>&1 &

This will start the program in background, produce no output file (nohup.out), and will not stop it if the terminal window is closed. The program will run until the pi-top is booted up again.

Starting pt-pulse-battery automatically during bootup

Open a terminal and type

  sudo leafpad /etc/rc.local

Enter the following line just above the line exit 0:

  pt-pulse-battery >/dev/null 2>&1 &

This will install the led matrix battery display permanently.

Uninstalling pt-pulse-battery

Open a terminal and type

  sudo rm /usr/bin/pt-pulse-battery

Please open an issue in this repository or write to if you have any feedback or problem with this repository. Your input is appreciated.