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Canonical repository for the SpaceState API.


There are two primary branches: master and devel

master is the "gold standard current API", the current stable API which spaces should implement.

devel is the experimental branch where features and fixes are accrued between releases.

Extending the API

API extensions are welcome and encouraged! If you would like to propose an API extension, please contact our mailing list on the mailman so that we can discuss your changes. When you are ready to integrate them, please open a pull request pointed towards the devel branch.

Please do not adjust the changelog or API version tag; we will change this when we tag put out a new release.

Adding your space to the directory

Edit ``spacestatusdirectory.php'' and add your space to the large list of spaces:

  'TechInc' => '',

Commit this with a message along the lines of "Add FOOLABS to Space Directory" and pull request against the master branch.