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Benchmark results and logs for the monad-par package.
Haskell Shell
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Experimental Results Directory

This directory contains results from the script found in the examples/ directory. Currently the schema for results is:


Which in turn should reside in a directory named "MachineDescription/ghc-X.Y.Z/". MachineDescription is a human-generated informal description of the hardware platform.

A typical example of something you would do in this directory would be to create plots from a raw benchmark result file, like so:

./plot_scaling.hs Nehalem_3.33GHz_4coreHT/ghc-7.2.1/results_wasp_2011_10_03_v1.dat 

Pull requests are welcome including runs from new architectures, as long as the results conform to these conventions. Please also run the following on your Linux machine to record some machine details:

cd MyMachineDescr; ../

(We would love it if someone could implement an analogous script for Windows and MacOS!)


We need to add scripts for crawling all results over time to visualize improvements and regressions.

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