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What is KKPasscodeLock?

KKPasscodeLock is an iOS toolkit for adding a passcode view controller and passcode settings in ios apps.


Main Features in KKPasscodeLock

- Either a simple 4 digit passcode (using a numeric keyboard) or a free-text passcode (in development) - Supports universal apps (both iPhone and iPad) - Advanced passcode settings controller: set & change passcode, turn off/on passcode and passcode tries allowed - Passcode is saved securly in the device keychain

Using KKPasscodeLock

Using this framework is really easy.

  • Add all the source files under the src folder, including KKPasscodeLock.bundle
  • #import "KKPasscodeLock.h" where you need it.
  • Add the AudioToolbox.framework, Security.framework and the QuartzCore.framework into your project
  • See the usage of the passcode lock from the sample app

Terms of Use

- Provided under the Apache 2.0 License