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Changes made for CloudSpokes Challenge #1751.

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+This readme file explains the changes made for the challenge 1751.
+The current version of the databasedotcom ruby gem contains a bug that prevents it from
+updating records if you are using a org (it works fine with a org).
+We want you to fix this bug and submit a pull request to our repo.
+We've put together a small databasedotcom rails app that you can use for testing as well as a short video to
+help you get a org up and running quickly. The error occurs on line 44 of the accounts_controller
+when updating the record and throws Net::HTTPBadRequest.
+This is the stack trace of the error as well as some additional information buried at the end of this thread.
+Bug Research and Changes:
+As I was trying to figure out what was causing this error I came across this link:
+Basically, the approach is that instead of using the PATCH request directly, the request could be
+performed using POST requests. Well, I decided to try it out and that ended up fixing the problem.
+The idea is to append the http parameter '_HttpMethod=PATCH' to the URL of the POST request.
+What I did then was to add an attribute to the Databasedotcom::Client class (patch_using_post).
+This attribute would allow the developer using this code to switch between performing real PATCH request
+and performing PATCH requests using the POST method.
+I'm not completely sure that this is the way to fix this issue, but at least it solves it and it could
+help in other situation like those where proxy servers don't support PATCH requests.
+The only change to for the sample rails test application
+would be patch_using_post: true to the databasedotcom.yml file.
+Of course, installation of this new version of the GEM needs to be done first.
+Here is a quick list of the changes:
+ lib/databasedotcom/client.rb:
+ This file has been changed to add the patch_using_post attribute and use it for biz logic in the
+ Databasedotcom::Client.http_patch method.
+ spec/fixtures/databasedotcom.yml:
+ Added the patch_using_post attribute for testing purposes.
+ spec/lib/client_spec.rb:
+ Added/Modified the corresponding tests for coverage of the addition of the patch_using_post attribute.
+ Note: The file diff.txt details the changes made.
+ Modified tests:
+ Databasedotcom::Client
+ configuration from environment variables
+ takes configuration information from the environment, if present
+ takes configuration information from a URL
+ from a yaml file
+ takes configuration information from the specified file
+ from a hash
+ takes configuration information from the hash
+ accepts symbols in the hash
+ Databasedotcom::Client precedence
+ prefers the environment configuration to the YAML configuration
+ Added tests:
+ Databasedotcom::Client defaults
+ defaults to using real patch requests
+ Databasedotcom::Client authentiation with a materialized class
+ #update
+ with proper fields performing patch request using post
+ with attributes from a hash
+ persists the updated changes with names as symbols
+ applies type coercions before serializing
+ applies type coercions with Dates represented as Strings
+ #upsert
+ with a valid external field performing patch request using post
+ with a non-existent external id
+ creates a new record with the external id and the specified attributes
+ with an existing external id
+ updates attributes in the existing object
+ with multiple choice
+ raises an Databasedotcom::SalesForceError
+ with an invalid external field performing patch request using post
+ raises an Databasedotcom::SalesForceError
+ #http_patch performing patch request using post
+ upserts the data to the specified path
+ puts parameters into the path
+ includes the headers in the request
+ raises SalesForceError
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