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Pimatic Plugin that monitors availability of iTag BLE devices.

Unfortunately the iTag shuts down some minutes after disconnecting, so it can not be used as a beacon. However once connected the button and buzzer can be used.

I'm working with this device: On the device it says: Serial Number String: 20170414 Hardware Revision String: FD-001-S-N V1.5

In the firmware it says: Manufacturer Name String: 3231S FDQ Model Number String: BT 4.0 Serial Number String: 20170307 Firmware Revision String: V3.9 Hardware Revision String: FD-001-S-N V1.2 Software Revison String: V8.0

There seem to be multiple versions around with different hardware and firmware. Let me know which version you have and if it works.


If you don't have the pimatic-ble plugin add it to the plugin section:

  "plugin": "ble"

Then add the plugin to the plugin section:

  "plugin": "ble-itag"

Then add the device entry for your device into the devices section:

  "id": "itag-keys",
  "class": "ITagDevice",
  "name": "Keys",
  "uuid": "01234567890a",
  "interval": 60000

Then you can add the items into the mobile frontend.

You can also use Discover Devices on the Pimatic Devices screen and your iTag will be automaticly discovered.