Utilities for manipulating PostScript documents
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PostScript Utilities

Web site: https://github.com/rrthomas/psutils
Maintainer: Reuben Thomas <rrt@sc3d.org>

PSUtils is a suite of utilities for manipulating PostScript documents
produced according to the Document Structuring Conventions. You can select
and rearrange pages, including arrangement into signatures for booklet
printing, and page merging for n-up printing.

PSUtils is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3, or,
at your option, any later version; see the file COPYING.

If you simply want to use PSUtils, you will find it in most GNU/Linux
distributions; it is available in brew for macOS and Cygwin for Windows.

PSUtils should work in any POSIX environment (support on
non-POSIX systems may be provided by gnulib).

It is also recommended to install paper, which allows a sensible default
paper size to be discovered, and configured by the user:

paper: https://github.com/rrthomas/paper

PSUtils intentionally does not check its input is DSC-conformant, as some
programs produce non-conforming output that can be successfully processed
anyway. If PSUtils does not work for you, check whether your software needs
to be configured to produce DSC-conformant PostScript. The old-scripts
directory contains some scripts that fix the output of certain obsolete


psbook          rearrange pages into signatures
psselect        select pages and page ranges
pstops          perform general page rearrangement and selection
psnup           put multiple pages on to one page
psresize        alter document paper size
epsffit         fit an EPSF file to a given bounding box
extractres      filter to extract resources from PostScript files
includeres      filter to include resources into PostScript files
psjoin          concatenate multiple PostScript files

psselect in modeled on Chris Torek's dviselect, as is psbook, via Angus
Duggan's dvibook; pstops is modeled on Tom Rokicki's dvidvi. psjoin was
originally written by Tom Sato: http://t-sato.in.coocan.jp


To build, you need the following programs installed, as well as a
standard POSIX environment and C compiler:

  automake, autoconf, git, Perl, bash, a2ps

Then run:

./bootstrap && ./configure && make check && [sudo] make install

For build options, see ./configure --help


Please send bug reports, patches and suggestions to the bug tracker or
maintainer (see the top of this file).


PSUtils was written by Angus Duggan, who maintained it up to release 1
patchlevel 17, and Reuben Thomas.

Bug fixes and suggestions for improvements to PSUtils have come from many
people, including:

        Brian Colfer            brianc@labmed.ucsf.edu
        Charles A. Finnell      finnell@org.mitre.lear
        Conrad Kimball          cek@com.boeing.sdc
        J. W. Hawtin
        Jochen Schwarze         schwarze@de.isa
        Ken Carpenter           khc@edu.ksu.eece
        Kristian Jorg           etxkrjg@se.ericsson.solsta
        Larry Weissman          larryw@nsr.bioeng.washington.edu 
        Michael L. Brown        brown@wi.extrel.com
        Hunter Goatley	        goathunter@wkuvx1.bitnet
        John Interrante         interran@uluru.Stanford.edu
        Maurizio Cremonesi      MAUCREM@imiclvx.earn
        Matthew Stier           Matthew.Stier@East.Sun.com
        Gerry Pratt             cca13@seq1.kl.ac.uk
        Robert Joop             rj@rainbow.in-berlin.de
	Johan Vromans		jv@mh.nl
	Bryan Faubion		bryanf@tc.fluke.com
	Chris Ritson		C.R.Ritson@ncl.ac.uk
	Michael I. Schwartz	mschwart@diana.cair.du.edu
	Chris Ritson		C.R.Ritson@newcastle.ac.uk
	Joerg Eisenreich
	Andreas Borchert	borchert@mathematik.uni-ulm.de
	Mike Coleman
	Dale Scheetz		dwarf@polaris.net
	Yves Arrouye		arrouye@marin.fdn.fr
	Stanislav Brabec	utx@penguin.cz

(Apologies to anyone left out; it was not intentional.)