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Extend and improve the Delphi VCL Styles
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VCL Styles Utils

The VCL Styles Utils is a Delphi library which extend the RAD Studio VCL Styles, adding unique features like the support for Classic and New Common dialogs, Task Dialogs, Styling of popup and shell menus, Non client area components and much more.



  • Works in Delphi XE2-XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio
  • Vcl.Styles.Ext unit extended the VCL Styles adding new properties and methods to list, remove and reload VCL Styles.
  • Vcl.Styles.Utils unit, allows modify the VCL Styles manipulating the visual elements and fonts colors.
  • TNCControls component which allow you add controls to the Non Client area of the form


  • Unzip or checkout the files of the library in a writable folder.
  • Under Tools, Environment Options, Library, add the directory where the VCL Styles Utils library have been installed Example : C:\Delphi\Libs\vcl-styles-utils\Common to the Win32 and Win64 library path.

Note : If you want to use the Vcl.Styles.Hooks unit you must also include the Delphi Detours Library files in your lib/search path Example : C:\Delphi\Libs\vcl-styles-utils\Common\delphi-detours-library

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