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To better understand Rails' Active Record, I built a "lite" version of it from scratch.
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Active Record Lite

Active Record takes a lot of the grunt work out of making database queries. To understand how the world of Rails' Active Record is translated into SQL, I built my own lite version of it.

Below are some noteworthy facets of this project:

  • MassObject: mass_object.rb MassObject is the analogue of ActiveRecord's Base class. It creates a class that includes methods for parsing query results and initializing and setting attributes for model objects.

  • SQLObject: sql_object.rb SQLObject is the interface between ActiveRecordLite and the SQL database. It searches the database along the user specified parameters as well as creates, updates, and saves new entries into the database.

  • Searchable searchable.rb Searchable extends the SQLObject class method, allowing users to perform Active Record's where feature to perform more specific database queries.

  • Associatable associatable.rb Associatable is the bread and butter of this Active Record "Lite" app. It defines has_one, has_many, belongs_to, and has_one_through associations between models and allows the user to perform the relevant database queries for associated models.

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