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First Ajax Project

This project is a simple secret sharing project. I've written two models: User and Secret. I've also built UsersController and SessionsController to do login for you.

Phase I: form_for secrets

Write a /users/123/secrets/new form. Use form_for. You'll need to create a nested route.

Phase II: Add friendships

Write a Friendship model to join User to User. Friendship is one-way in this application. Write a simple Friendships controller (the only action needed is create, I think).

On the /users page, list all users, and add a friend button for each. Make this button remote. When clicked, change the button text to "Friending..." (use ajax:before), and disable. On ajax:success, change text to "Friended".

When the template is first rendered, appropriately grey-out the button if the user has already been friended.

Phase III: Remove friendships

All things must end; you grow apart. You're still proud of your friend, but you don't stay in touch anymore.

Add a second button, to unfriend a user. You'll need a destroy action on FriendshipsController.

You now want to the unfriend button to appear when you are friends, and the friend button to appear when you are not. The cleanest way to do this is to:

  1. Writeboth buttons, display them both.
  2. Place the two buttons in a div or span, give this a CSS class of friend_buttons. Likewise, give your buttons classes of friend and unfriend.
  3. If we are friends, set a second class on your div: friended. Otherwise, set unfriended
  4. Write a CSS rule so that .friend_buttons.friended friend is visible: false. Do likewise for .friend_buttons.unfriended unfriend.
  5. Lastly, your ajax:success method needs only to swap a class (see $.toggleClass).
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