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A drop-in remplacement for UISegmentedControl that mimic iOS 6 AppStore tab controls
Objective-C Ruby
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Segmented Control

A drop-in remplacement for UISegmentedControl that mimic iOS 6 AppStore tab controls.

The only good piece of UI to extract for this terrible app


  • Segments with image, image and text or text only
  • Interface Builder support (just throw a UISegmentedControl and change its class SDSegmentedControl)
  • Animated segment selection
  • Content aware dynamic segment width
  • Scrollable if there are too many segments for width
  • Animated segment selection, with animated arrow
  • Appearance customization thru UIAppearance
  • UIControl events for value changes
  • Enable or disable specific segments
  • Indiviual customizable segment width


  • Shadow effect / arrows, which show that the segment control is scrollable


Import SDSegmentedControl.h and SDSegmentedControl.m into your project and add QuartzCore framework to Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries.

You can then use SDSegmentedControl class as you would use normal UISegmentedControl.


All source code is licensed under the MIT-License.

The icons in the example project are taken from Glypish Free Iconscreated by Joseph Wain and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


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