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* This file is part of the SDWebImage package.
* (c) Olivier Poitrey <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "SDWebImageCompat.h"
#import "SDWebImageOperation.h"
typedef enum
SDWebImageDownloaderLowPriority = 1 << 0,
SDWebImageDownloaderProgressiveDownload = 1 << 1
} SDWebImageDownloaderOptions;
typedef enum
} SDWebImageDownloaderQueueMode;
extern NSString *const SDWebImageDownloadStartNotification;
extern NSString *const SDWebImageDownloadStopNotification;
typedef void(^SDWebImageDownloaderProgressBlock)(NSUInteger receivedSize, long long expectedSize);
typedef void(^SDWebImageDownloaderCompletedBlock)(UIImage *image, NSData *data, NSError *error, BOOL finished);
* Asynchronous downloader dedicated and optimized for image loading.
@interface SDWebImageDownloader : NSObject
@property (assign, nonatomic) NSInteger maxConcurrentDownloads;
* Changes download operations unqueue mode. Default value is `SDWebImageDownloaderFILOQueueMode`.
@property (assign, nonatomic) SDWebImageDownloaderQueueMode queueMode;
+ (SDWebImageDownloader *)sharedDownloader;
* Set a value for a HTTP header to be appended to each download HTTP request.
* @param value The value for the header field. Use `nil` value to remove the header.
* @param field The name of the header field to set.
- (void)setValue:(NSString *)value forHTTPHeaderField:(NSString *)field;
* Returns the value of the specified HTTP header field.
* @return The value associated with the header field field, or `nil` if there is no corresponding header field.
- (NSString *)valueForHTTPHeaderField:(NSString *)field;
* Creates a SDWebImageDownloader async downloader instance with a given URL
* The delegate will be informed when the image is finish downloaded or an error has happen.
* @see SDWebImageDownloaderDelegate
* @param url The URL to the image to download
* @param options The options to be used for this download
* @param progress A block called repeatedly while the image is downloading
* @param completed A block called once the download is completed.
* If the download succeeded, the image parameter is set, in case of error,
* error parameter is set with the error. The last parameter is always YES
* if SDWebImageDownloaderProgressiveDownload isn't use. With the
* SDWebImageDownloaderProgressiveDownload option, this block is called
* repeatedly with the partial image object and the finished argument set to NO
* before to be called a last time with the full image and finished argument
* set to YES. In case of error, the finished argument is always YES.
* @return A cancellable SDWebImageOperation
- (id<SDWebImageOperation>)downloadImageWithURL:(NSURL *)url
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