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@rs rs released this Dec 2, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release


82c64dd Fix goreleaser issue
8476276 Merge pull request #10 from bored-engineer/patch-1
492c714 Fixes Issue #9
4bf7124 Merge pull request #8 from rhnvrm/patch-1
69319b8 fix: Update cmd name in help.go
ac9eb2f Merge pull request #6 from 0mp/patch-1
4ee9f3e Use https for
9d4badd Add FreeBSD installation instructions
2d5f70f Merge pull request #5 from ajlanghorn/use-not-user
cd9971a s/User/Use
9d2629b Fix synopsis
ee1c32d Switch to the gh-readme theme for
9fa9019 Add a download button
e6b1726 Add license to the readme
1b6645f Add seo jekyll plugin
bbbc375 Create CNAME
7ccb8ad Set theme jekyll-theme-hacker

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