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Pinba HTTP Gateway

Pinba-HTTP is a HTTP interface for Pinba. It allows to forge Pinba timers from simple HTTP queries with optional tags. This is useful to time things on the client (javascript, flash) in the same backend as for you backend code.

This is a bit of a hack as Pinba isn't really meant to do that, but who cares? :)


To account the frequency of an event, request the following URL from your client code:


This will create a Pinba request, with script_name set to mycounter. You can then graph the number of request per second for this counter using a query like this:

SELECT req_per_sec FROM report_by_server_name WHERE script_name = 'mycounter';

You can add a time value to your counter by adding the time in seconds (float) to the request:


The time value will be set as the request_time value. You can then get the average time for this timer using a query like this:

SELECT req_time_total/req_count FROM report_by_server_name WHERE script_name = 'mytimer';

Finaly, you can add tags to your timer by adding a query string to your request. If at least one tag is present, a single sub-timer will be created with the provided tags:


You can then create corresponding report table for the tags you want to query.

Yahoo Boomerang support

This HTTP interface also provides an endpoint compatible with Yahoo Boomerang, and end user oriented web performance testing and beaconing. Several timers and timestamps are sent in a single request. Each of them is transmitted to Pinba.

It is assumed that nt_nav_st timestamp is present. It will be used as a start point for other timestamps. Everything starting by t_ or Xt_ is considered as a timestamp, with the exception of t_resp, t_page and t_done which are already timers. Everything else is considered as a tag and will be attached to each timer.


This project requires the Protocol Buffer Python library.