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#!/usr/bin/env python
from cgi import parse_qs
from socket import socket, gethostname, AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM
from sys import argv
import re
import pinba_pb2
PINBA_PORT = 30002
TIMER_MAX = 10*60
udpsock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM)
hostname = gethostname()
class InvalidTimer(Exception):
def pinba(server_name, tracker, timer, tags):
Send a message to Pinba.
:param server_name: HTTP server name
:param tracker: tracker name
:param timer: timer value in seconds
:param tags: dictionary of tags
if timer < 0 or timer > TIMER_MAX:
raise InvalidTimer()
msg = pinba_pb2.Request()
msg.hostname = hostname
msg.server_name = server_name
msg.script_name = tracker
msg.request_count = 1
msg.document_size = 0
msg.memory_peak = 0
msg.request_time = timer
msg.ru_utime = 0.0
msg.ru_stime = 0.0
msg.status = 200
if tags:
# Add a single timer
# Encode associated tags
tag_count = 0
dictionary = [] # contains mapping of tags name or value => uniq id
for name, values in tags.items():
if name not in dictionary:
for value in values:
value = str(value)
if value not in dictionary:
tag_count += 1
# Number of tags
# Global tags dictionary
# Send message to Pinba server
udpsock.sendto(msg.SerializeToString(), (PINBA_HOST, PINBA_PORT))
def generic(prefix, environ):
Generic Pinba handler.
The timer is in `t` and other parameters are considered to be
additional tags. The tracker name is the end of the path.
tracker = environ["PATH_INFO"][len(prefix):]
tags = parse_qs(environ['QUERY_STRING'])
timer = float(tags.pop('t')[0])
except KeyError:
timer = 0.0
pinba(environ['HTTP_HOST'], tracker, timer, tags)
class Boomerang(object):
Handler for Yahoo Boomerang.
Parameters matching `.?t_` are considered as timestamps, except
`t_resp`, `t_page` and `t_done`. Timestamps are transformed into
timers by making the difference with `nt_nav_st`.
def __init__(self):
self.timestamps_re = re.compile("^.?t_")
def is_timer(self, name):
"""Is it a timer in milliseconds?"""
return name in ["t_resp", "t_page", "t_done"]
def is_timestamp(self, name):
"""Is it a timestamp in milliseconds?"""
if self.timestamps_re.match(name) and not self.is_timer(name):
return True
return False
def __call__(self, prefix, environ):
tags = parse_qs(environ['QUERY_STRING'])
# Start point for other timestamps
start = int(tags.pop("nt_nav_st")[0])
except KeyError:
raise InvalidTimer
timers = {}
for t in tags.keys()[:]:
if self.is_timer(t):
timers[t] = int(tags.pop(t)[0])
elif self.is_timestamp(t):
val = int(tags.pop(t)[0]) - start
if val < 0:
timers[t] = val
for t in timers:
pinba(environ['HTTP_HOST'], "boomerang.%s" % t, timers[t]/1000., tags)
# Simple routing
handlers = {
"/track/": generic,
"/track-boomerang/": Boomerang()
def app(environ, start_response):
for h in handlers:
if environ['PATH_INFO'].startswith(h):
handlers[h](h, environ)
except InvalidTimer:
start_response('400 Invalid Timer', [('Content-Length', 0)])
return ['']
start_response('200 OK', [('Content-Length', 0)])
return ['']
start_response('404 Not Found', [('Content-Length', 0)])
return ['']