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package resource
// Conf defines the configuration for a given resource.
type Conf struct {
// AllowedModes is the list of Mode allowed for the resource.
AllowedModes []Mode
// DefaultPageSize defines a default number of items per page. By default,
// no default page size is set resulting in no pagination if no `limit`
// parameter is provided.
PaginationDefaultLimit int
// ForceTotal controls how total number of items on list request is
// computed. By default (TotalOptIn), if the total cannot be computed by the
// storage handler for free, no total metadata is returned until the user
// explicitly request it using the total=1 query-string parameter. Note that
// if the storage cannot compute the total and does not implement the
// resource.Counter interface, a "not implemented" error is returned.
// The TotalAlways mode always force the computation of the total (make sure
// the storage either compute the total on Find or implement the
// resource.Counter interface.
// TotalDenied prevents the user from requesting the total.
ForceTotal ForceTotalMode
// ForceTotalMode defines Conf.ForceTotal modes.
type ForceTotalMode int
const (
// TotalOptIn allows the end-user to opt-in to forcing the total count by
// adding the total=1 query-string parameter.
TotalOptIn ForceTotalMode = iota
// TotalAlways always force the total number of items on list requests
// TotalDenied disallows forcing of the total count, and returns an error if
// total=1 is supplied, and the total count is not provided by the Storer's
// Find method.
// Mode defines CRUDL modes to be used with Conf.AllowedModes.
type Mode int
const (
// Create mode represents the POST method on a collection URL or the PUT
// method on a _non-existing_ item URL.
Create Mode = iota
// Read mode represents the GET method on an item URL.
// Update mode represents the PATCH on an item URL.
// Replace mode represents the PUT methods on an existing item URL.
// Delete mode represents the DELETE method on an item URL.
// Clear mode represents the DELETE method on a collection URL.
// List mode represents the GET method on a collection URL.
var (
// ReadWrite is a shortcut for all modes.
ReadWrite = []Mode{Create, Read, Update, Replace, Delete, List, Clear}
// ReadOnly is a shortcut for Read and List modes.
ReadOnly = []Mode{Read, List}
// WriteOnly is a shortcut for Create, Update, Delete modes.
WriteOnly = []Mode{Create, Update, Replace, Delete, Clear}
// DefaultConf defines a configuration with some sensible default parameters.
// Mode is read/write and default pagination limit is set to 20 items.
DefaultConf = Conf{
AllowedModes: ReadWrite,
PaginationDefaultLimit: 20,
// IsModeAllowed returns true if the provided mode is allowed in the configuration.
func (c Conf) IsModeAllowed(mode Mode) bool {
for _, m := range c.AllowedModes {
if m == mode {
return true
return false