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package resource
import "errors"
var (
// ErrNotFound is returned when the requested resource can't be found.
ErrNotFound = errors.New("Not Found")
// ErrForbidden is returned when the requested resource can not be accessed
// by the requestor for security reason.
ErrForbidden = errors.New("Forbidden")
// ErrConflict happens when another thread or node modified the data
// concurrently with our own thread in such a way we can't securely apply
// the requested changes.
ErrConflict = errors.New("Conflict")
// ErrNotImplemented happens when a used filter is not implemented by the
// storage handler.
ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("Not Implemented")
// ErrNoStorage is returned when not storage handler has been set on the
// resource.
ErrNoStorage = errors.New("No Storage Defined")