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package rest
import (
var (
// ErrNotFound represents a 404 HTTP error.
ErrNotFound = &Error{http.StatusNotFound, "Not Found", nil}
// ErrForbidden represents a 403 HTTP error.
ErrForbidden = &Error{http.StatusForbidden, "Forbidden", nil}
// ErrPreconditionFailed happens when a conditional request condition is not met.
ErrPreconditionFailed = &Error{http.StatusPreconditionFailed, "Precondition Failed", nil}
// ErrConflict happens when another thread or node modified the data
// concurrently with our own thread in such a way we can't securely apply
// the requested changes.
ErrConflict = &Error{http.StatusConflict, "Conflict", nil}
// ErrInvalidMethod happens when the used HTTP method is not supported for
// this resource.
ErrInvalidMethod = &Error{http.StatusMethodNotAllowed, "Invalid Method", nil}
// ErrClientClosedRequest is returned when the client closed the connection
// before the server was able to finish processing the request.
ErrClientClosedRequest = &Error{499, "Client Closed Request", nil}
// ErrNotImplemented happens when a requested feature is not implemented.
ErrNotImplemented = &Error{http.StatusNotImplemented, "Not Implemented", nil}
// ErrGatewayTimeout is returned when the specified timeout for the request
// has been reached before the server was able to process it.
ErrGatewayTimeout = &Error{http.StatusGatewayTimeout, "Deadline Exceeded", nil}
// ErrUnknown is thrown when the origin of the error can't be identified.
ErrUnknown = &Error{520, "Unknown Error", nil}
// Error defines a REST error with optional per fields error details.
type Error struct {
// Code defines the error code to be used for the error and for the HTTP
// status.
Code int
// Message is the error message.
Message string
// Issues holds per fields errors if any.
Issues map[string][]interface{}
// NewError returns a rest.Error from an standard error.
// If the the inputted error is recognized, the appropriate rest.Error is mapped.
func NewError(err error) *Error {
if Err, ok := err.(*Error); ok {
return Err
switch err {
case context.Canceled:
return ErrClientClosedRequest
case context.DeadlineExceeded:
return ErrGatewayTimeout
case resource.ErrNotFound:
return ErrNotFound
case resource.ErrForbidden:
return ErrForbidden
case resource.ErrConflict:
return ErrConflict
case resource.ErrNotImplemented:
return ErrNotImplemented
case resource.ErrNoStorage:
return &Error{501, err.Error(), nil}
case nil:
return nil
return &Error{520, err.Error(), nil}
// Error returns the error as string
func (e *Error) Error() string {
return e.Message