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package schema
import (
var (
// NewID is a field hook handler that generates a new globally unique id if
// none exist, to be used in schema with OnInit.
// The generated ID is a Mongo like base64 object id (mgo/bson code has been
// embedded into this function to prevent dep).
NewID = func(ctx context.Context, value interface{}) interface{} {
if value == nil {
value = newID()
return value
// IDField is a common schema field configuration that generate an globally
// unique id for new item id.
IDField = Field{
Description: "The item's id",
Required: true,
ReadOnly: true,
OnInit: NewID,
Filterable: true,
Sortable: true,
Validator: &String{
// This regexp matches a base32 id
Regexp: "^[0-9a-v]{20}$",
// newID returns a new globally unique id using a copy of the mgo/bson
// algorithm.
func newID() string {
return xid.New().String()