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; Whether two strings are equal up to the length of the shortest string.
(defun has-prefix (prefix string) (eq (string-match prefix string) 0))
(defun current-year () (format-time-string "%Y"))
(defun roll ()
"Roll dice interactively."
(let* ((dice-str (split-string (read-string "Roll ?d? ") "d"))
(n (string-to-int (car dice-str)))
(d (string-to-int (cadr dice-str)))
(res 0))
(while (> n 0)
(setq res (+ res (+ 1 (random d))))
(setq n (- n 1)))
(print res)))
(defun join-strings (seq &optional separator)
"Join a sequence of strings into one string with a separator."
(if seq
(if (cdr seq) ; If more than one item, put the separator between them.
(concat (car seq) separator (join-strings (cdr seq) separator))
(car seq))
(defun prefix-lines-with (prefix text)
(let* ((lines (split-string text "\n"))
(prefixed-lines (map 'list (lambda (line) (concat prefix line)) lines)))
(join-strings prefixed-lines "\n")))
(defun cpp-comment (text)
"Convert a text block into a C++ style comment."
(prefix-lines-with "// " text))
(defun scheme-comment (text)
"Convert a text block into a Scheme comment."
(prefix-lines-with "; " text))
(defun lua-comment (text)
"Convert a text block into a Lua comment."
(prefix-lines-with "-- " text))
(defun non-num-stringp (str) (or (equal str "") (equal str "n/a")))
(defun hh-mm-ss-to-seconds (time-string)
"Parse a string hh:mm:ss into seconds."
(if (non-num-stringp time-string) ""
(let* ((nums (map 'list #'string-to-number (split-string time-string ":")))
(hours (car nums))
(mins (cadr nums))
(secs (caddr nums)))
(+ (* hours 3600) (* mins 60) secs))))
(defun spreadsheet-string-to-number (number-string)
(if (non-num-stringp number-string) ""
(float (string-to-number number-string))))
(defun spreadsheet-running-speed (hh-mm-ss-string km-string)
(let ((km (spreadsheet-string-to-number km-string))
(sec (hh-mm-ss-to-seconds hh-mm-ss-string)))
(if (or (non-num-stringp km) (non-num-stringp sec))
(format "%.2f" (/ km (/ sec 3600.0))))))
(defun spreadsheet-running-meters-per-beat (hh-mm-ss-string bpm-string km-string)
(let ((km (spreadsheet-string-to-number km-string))
(bpm (spreadsheet-string-to-number bpm-string))
(sec (hh-mm-ss-to-seconds hh-mm-ss-string)))
(if (or (non-num-stringp km) (non-num-stringp bpm) (non-num-stringp sec))
(format "%.2f" (/ (* km 1000.0) (* bpm (/ sec 60.0)))))))
(defvar seconds-in-day (* 24 60 60))
(defun seconds-after-midnight (&optional time)
(multiple-value-bind (sec min hour) (decode-time time)
(+ (* 3600 hour) (* 60 min) sec)))
(defun delta-seconds (delta-sec &optional time)
"Return a time value with delta-sec added to the seconds of the
given time value or current time."
(let ((date (decode-time time)))
(setcar date (+ (car date) delta-sec))
(apply 'encode-time date)))
(defun next-daily-time (seconds-after-midnight &optional time)
"When is the next occurrence of the given daily time point after given time."
(let ((current-secs (seconds-after-midnight time)))
(if (< current-secs seconds-after-midnight)
(delta-seconds (- seconds-after-midnight current-secs) time)
(+ seconds-after-midnight (- seconds-in-day current-secs))
(defun prev-daily-time (seconds-after-midnight &optional time)
"When is the previous occurrence of the given daily time point after given time."
(delta-seconds (- seconds-in-day) (next-daily-time seconds-after-midnight time)))
(defun load-elisp-directory (directory)
(if (file-directory-p directory)
(mapc #'load (directory-files directory t "\\.el$"))))
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