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Isn't working on mac os x #1

Xecutor opened this Issue · 3 comments

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At least on my.
Looks like SDLMain isn't linked.
When I try to start sdl_test, there is a lot of objective c errors and some kind of crashdump.


Little explanation. On OS X non-c SDL program should
make initialization normally done by main in SDLMain.a
Example can be found in pygame.
But to do so there must be objective c bindings...
I don't know if there are any for go.


Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac and don't know anything about making things work on one, so there isn't much I can currently do to fix this.


one problem may be that it depends on gomake and gomake is in a state of serious flux. try retooling the build process now that go 1.0 is out

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