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Serverside sync (in Java / on appengine) for persistencejs

This a Java serverside for the persistencejs.sync, for demo puropose just running the sync testsuite. I it is based on the slim3 appengine framework.

Requirements / dependencies to run the demo:

  • eclipse with appengine plugin

Eclipse projects (must be in same folder as this project):

How to run the demo

Import this project (and required dependencies) into eclipse, start the server and point your browser to the server address.

Custom projects

If started from a slim3-blank project, the following additional setup steps are necessary

  • Set annotation factory path (at the project java compiler settings) to persistencejs-gen jar (built by persistencejs-gen).
  • Use the build.xml provided by this project.
  • Use the gen-persistencejs-sync task to create synced model and associated controller.
  • Add fields to models as usual, use Sync annotation to mark fields for sync
  • After generating setter/getter for new fields, insert at the setter body a meta function (which checks/sets a dirty field), see example below:
public class MyModel implements Serializable {
	// ... [cutted out]
	private String foo;
	// ... [cutted out]
	public void setFoo(String foo) {
    	MyModelMeta.get().syncFoo(this, foo);  // <<< ADD THIS !!! = foo;

If started from a slim3-persistencejs-blank project, project dependencies are not required.