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[Android] 'Invalid credentials', can't connect to the test server #11

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When starting the Android app, with the default settings, I get this:

An error ocurred while loading Skwissh data.
Invalid credentials.

I check the settings:

The default settings look ok: I wrote the settings again (in case the password was not 'test'), even changed the 'default period view', with no results.

Your web server was online: while I did this, the website worked ok (I could log in and log out several times).

Doesn't looks like a connectivity issue: I used the smartphone browser to access the website and log in, everything went well (and fast). So my 3G provider is not capping the connection

My device is a Nexus One, I'll provide any details you need.

I don't know what else to look, and I'm not sure if the problem is in the server or the client.

Thanks for sharing your program!


Thanks for your feedback.

I used to face the same bug at the first connection, did it work again once you've opened/saved the settings page ?

I worked with the SharedPreferences class to do the trick with settings (I put default values to the demo site URL as you can see).
I'm not familiar with Android development (I prefer Python to Java, this app is my first real dev in Android), but it shouldn't be an excuse.

If you're also doing Android dev (I saw you're a Django githuber :-)) don't hesitate to fork, otherwise we must wait for an Android master to find a solution.



Hi, I just removed the local settings and uninstalled/reinstalled the app.

  • 1st try, without opening the settings page: I get this: Error An error ocurred while loading Skwissh data. null.
  • 2nd try, I hit refresh and I get the same message, but with "invalid credentials".
  • 3rd try, I go to settings, check the values and go back. I still get "invalid credentials".

I'm sorry, but I've never done Android development.

Anyways, for me this problem is not a blocker. I'll be using your django app, hope to fork it and contribute someday :)


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