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A user panel for Houdini
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Flake - A user panel for Houdini

NOTE: Credit to jackie/@Pyrodash for writing the Avatar API.

written by ~ ro, feel free to fork or use whatever code/assets you want from this.

How to use?

  • install node.js on your VPS or laptop.
  • upload your manager somewhere (apart from the web-server of course!), use cd to go to the directory wherever it is placed.
  • Once you are in the directory, you can run npm install and it will download all the dependencies you need for this manager to work.
  • Now all you have to do is edit Config.js.
  • Run the manager from terminal using the command node Boot.
  • Party.


Just execute npm install to install the dependencies all at once.

  • The only file you have to edit is Config.js, what you need to edit in there is the secret session key in there, it has to be something random and secure so get any type of password/key from

  • Edit these options: to allow normal users to add any item in-game or to allow moderators to verify usernames/approval. Just set the options to 1 if you wish.

  • Register your recaptcha keys from google recaptcha (v3). Add your site and secret key here:

  • When running this on your site, you need your sub-domain to be proxying off port 4444 (or whatever port you set in Config.js). So edit your nginx or apache configuration, add this line proxy_pass http://localhost:3000/;.

  • The reset password feature uses a table to keep track of reset password links expiry and usability, please insert this new table into your database (assuming you use Houdini) Then setup your GMAIL account, configure the username and password in Config.js and make sure you set the sub_domain field to the sub domain you are running the manager off i.e. This is so that it can send the correct reset password link leading to i.e.

preview: (old/has missing features i.e. pw reset),,

Any issues or suggestions, just email me:

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