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from __future__ import absolute_import
import socket
import os
import ais
import StringIO
import json
import logging
import requests
from logging.config import fileConfig
from seabus.common.models import Boat, Telemetry
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
sh = logging.StreamHandler()
sh.setFormatter(logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s'))
def read_socket(host, port):
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
sock.bind((host, port))
while True:
message, addr = sock.recvfrom(1024)
yield message.strip()
def decode(message):
decoded = None
# immediately attempt to extract payload from single part messages
if '\r\n' not in message:
payload = message.split(',')[5]
except Exception as e:
log.error('{} trying to parse message {}'.format(e, message))
decoded = ais.decode(payload, 0)
except Exception as e:
log.error('{} trying to decode message {}'.format(e, message))
# unpack and assemble payload from multipart messages
fragments = message.split('\r\n')
payload = ''.join(fragment.split(',')[5] for fragment in fragments)
except Exception as e:
log.error('{} trying to parse multipart message {}'.format(e, message))
# not sure what this is for but it seems to be necessary
# found it here:
pad = int(fragments[-1].split('*')[0][-1])
decoded = ais.decode(payload, pad)
except Exception as e:
log.error('{} trying to decode multipart message {}'.format(e, message))
log.debug('Payload: {}'.format(payload))
log.debug('Pad: {}'.format(pad))
return decoded
def is_interesting(beacon):
return beacon.get('id') > 5
def listen(config):
listen for and process incoming UDP AIS location beacons sent from the AIS Decoder process on the tuner
host = config.get('LISTENER_HOST')
port = config.get('LISTENER_PORT')
update_url = config.get('LISTENER_UPDATE_URL')'Listenening for AIS beacons on {}:{}'.format(host, port))
for data in read_socket(host, port):
beacon = decode(data)
if beacon is not None:
if is_interesting(beacon):'Interesting beacon type: {}'.format(beacon.get('id')))
# extract boat data from beacon, here we should get one of the following (ALL CASES ARE STORED IN DB!)
# - an existing boat record from the db by checking mmsi in the beacon, regardless of beacon type
# - a new boat object with mmsi but no name, dimensions, etc. because this is a telemetry beacon
# - a new (or updated by this beacon) boat object with mmsi, name, dimensions, etc. because this is a type 5 static voyage data beacon
boat = Boat.from_beacon(beacon)
# try to extract telemetry data from beacon
telemetry = Telemetry.from_beacon(beacon)
# if this beacon has telemetry, mark it as belonging to source boat
#TODO: call this method after checking if boat is none
if telemetry is not None:
# if we know BOTH the vessel and the telemetry, it's worth recording new information
if None not in (boat, telemetry):
if boat.is_seabus:'Seabus: {}, {}'.format(, telemetry))
# cache this telemetry for immediate use in the web app
# notify web app that new data is available for push to clients
resp = requests.get(update_url)
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError as e:
log.error('Unable to reach /update endpoint! {}'.format(e))
if not resp.ok:
log.error('Bad response code: {}, msg: {}'.format(resp.status_code, resp.text))
log.debug('Web app /update endpoint hit.')
else:'Other Vessel: {}, {}'.format(, telemetry))
# now write to db