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WebFaction Apache+PHP-FPM installer

This is an Apache + PHP-FPM installer for use with WebFaction CentOS 7 servers. To use it, first create a new Custom Application (listening on port) via the WebFaction Control Panel and attach it to a website record.

Then, the actual installation will be performed as follows:

git clone 'https://github.com/rsanden/wf-apache-php-fpm'
cd wf-apache-php-fpm
nano config

The "nano config" step is to set the following options in the config file:

  • STACKNAME: The name of this Apache+PHP-FPM stack, which will have associated log files in $HOME/logs/user
  • PREFIX: The install location where the Apache+PHP-FPM will be installed
  • PORT: The port associated with the Custom Application (listening on port) created via the Control Panel
  • DOMAIN1: The domain name that the Apache+PHP-FPM stack will serve. (you can add more later in httpd.conf)
  • APP1: The path to the website files that the Apache+PHP-FPM stack will serve (you can add more later with virtualhosts)

After installation, the following are done for you:

  • start, stop, and restart scripts are created in the $PREFIX/bin directory
  • The start script is run to start the instance
  • A cronjob is created to start the instance once every 20 minutes if it's not running