Fledgling configuration framework focused on ZSH 4.3.6+
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Dotto - the Dotfile Framework

Version: 0.2


Dotto is a ZSH-centric dotfile framework for Mac OS X, Linux, and any other very Unix-y environment (including Cygwin).

What is a "dotfile framework", you ask? Well, don't do that. I don't have a good answer yet and it's very annoying.

The intent is to have a system which makes it possible for a person to manage all his program configurations

All-singing support:

  • Z Shell (ZSH)

Simple support:

  • Screen and TMUX
  • Ruby / IRB
  • SSH

File distribution:

  • Any system with a single dotfile or dot-directory in your $HOME.

There are two very interesting targets of opportunity in Emacs and VIM, but that's a bigger kettle of fish than I've got time to work on and there are some solutions already available.

keywords: zsh, git, dotfiles, framework, configuration management


First you need to grab a copy of the framework from GitHub.

cd $HOME
git clone git://github.com/rsanders/dotto.git .dotto
zsh .dotto/setup/install.zsh

You don't need to name the local directory ".dotto". It may also be named one of the following things:

  • .dotto
  • dotto
  • .dotfiles
  • dotfiles

And you don't have to put the .dotto directory (or whatever) in your $HOME.
It can be in any of the following directories:

  • $HOME
  • $HOME/config
  • $HOME/lib
  • $HOME/.external
  • $HOME/home

Alternately, if you have a system-wide installation, you can just define the environment variable DOTTODIR in your system-wide environment file (e.g., /etc/zshenv), like so:



Next, if you're a new user, you need to create a directory for personalization. There are two ways to do that: fork an example configuration (preferred), or create one from scratch.

Forking an Example Configuration Package

A simple Dotto configuration package is available at the following GitHub URL. You should use your GitHub account to fork it.


After installing Dotto to your home directory, fork this repository. Pull it into your Dotto installation like so:

mkdir -p $HOME/.dotto_local/externals
cd $HOME/.dotto_local/externals

git clone http://github.com/YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME/dotto_example_config $USERNAME

# or if you didn't fork it, use the following command to get started:
#  git clone http://github.com/rsanders/dotto_example_config $USERNAME

vi prefs

Creating a Configuration Package from Scratch

The other way to get your configuration package started is to use the template tool included with Dotto, as follows:

cd $HOME/.dotto
zsh setup/create_external.zsh

The script will tell you which directory it created, more than likely at:


The most important file in that directory is "prefs". That is where you'll put the configuration items that drive Dotto.


Original portions of Dotto are covered by the MIT License; see the LICENSE file for the complete text.

Some third party code has been included; where noted, other licenses may apply for those potions.

See Also

Dotto has received inspiration or code from the following projects:

Bugs and Feedback

If you discover any bugs, please send an e-mail to rsanders@gmail.com. Better yet, fork this on github, fix the bug, and send me a pull request.

Copyright (c) 2009 Robert Sanders, http://github.com/rsanders