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Emacs Lisp interface for the GitHub API v3
Emacs Lisp
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github-api-v3.el -- Emacs library for the v3 GitHub API

This library provides an interface to the GitHub v3 API.

WARNING: as of 2012-02-05, development is still in early stages.


You can install with el-get or the following manual technique:

$ cd ~/.emacs.d/vendor
$ git clone git://

In your emacs config:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/vendor/github-api-v3.el)
(require 'github-api-v3)


This library does not provide any functions meant for end-users.


Most of the functions provided here use OAuth2 token authentication. It is best to provide the library with a token in the git config like so:

git config --global github.user your_user_name
git config --global github.v3token 37163872163826382716321

You can also configure the v3token per-project.

Two functions related to the creation and manipulation of OAuth2 tokens (listed below) require the user's username and password credentials. The password is not saved anywhere outside of Emacs.



  • githubv3/create-auth-token - create an OAuth2 token suitable for use by this library. Requires basic auth, and thus a username and password.
  • githubv3/list-auth-tokens - list all known OAuth2 tokens for the authenticated user; requires basic auth.
  • githubv3/user-info - list information about a names user, or if no name supplied, the authenticated user.


  • githubv3/gists-for-user - return all the gists belonging to a user
  • githubv3/get-gist - get a plist describing a given gist
  • githubv3/fork-gist - fork a gist and return the new gist info
  • githubv3/delete-gist - delete a gist by id


  • githubv3/repos-for-user - return a plist for all the repos belonging to a given user


Emacs 23 or above Magit, JSON, url, and crm packages


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