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DefaultKeyBinding.dict for OSX to be more emacs-y
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DefaultKeyBinding.dict for OSX to be more emacs-y. Cribbed together from various places on the net, including:


Install this file like so:

cp -i DefaultKeyBinding.dict ~/Library/KeyBindings

You'll need to restart any running programs before the new bindings will take effect. Programs that use their own text editing widgets won't see these keybindings. That includes most Java programs, many text editors, IDEs, etc.

Related Tweaks

Some applications, such as RubyMine / IntelliJ, will interpret alt/option + key as unicode character entry in some cases. This workaround may help:

Open System Preferences Switch to International pane Select the Input Menu tab Scroll down all the way to the the bottom Put a check next to Unicode Hex Input Now, close the System Preferences and set your Input Menu to Unicode Hex Input using the menu in the Menu bar Key combinations now work without issue in IDEA.

The side effect of this, however, is that you lose the ability to use Alt+ combinations to get special characters; you can switch back to your native Input and get them back, however.

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