API: Transformations

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How Transformations Work

Gury allows your to register global transformations that will effect each rendered object. Here is a simple example that "shifts" objects down ten pixels and right ten pixels:

$g('screen').size(100, 100)
  // Add a red square at (0, 0)
  .add(function(ctx) {
    ctx.fillStyle = "red";
    ctx.fillRect(0, 0, 10, 10);
  // Add a blue square at (50, 50)
  .add(function(ctx) {
    ctx.fillStyle = "blue";
    ctx.fillRect(50, 20, 10, 10);
  // Add a global translation that shifts them right and down by 10 pixels
    up: function(ctx) {
      ctx.translate(10, 10);
    down: function(ctx) {
  // Draw and animate...

In the example we first add a couple of squares and then use the addTransform() method to "shift" everything down and to the right. A transformation object needs to have two methods: an up() method which is run before rendering objects and a down() method which is run after all objects have been rendered.

There are many interesting things you can do with transformations. I added them in because my friends and I needed an easy way to create a camera for a 2D platformer we are working on (we use translations to literally translate the game world's objects to give the illusion of a viewport). We use another transformation to stretch the rendered sprites (using a scale() operation) to give the game a "retro" look and feel.

For more ideas for how to use transformations visit the MDC Canvas Documentation - Transformations page. Happy coding!


Below are listed the Gury methods that deal with adding, removing, and manipulating transformations.


Adds a transformation to the Gury instance. The transformation must be structured like so:

var myTransformation = {
  up: function(ctx, canvas) {
    // Perform operations before rendering objects...
  down: function(ctx, canvas) {
    // Clean up transformation operations here...


Removes a global transformation. Note: you will need to provide the exact object to remove the transformation as this feature does not yet support tagging.

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