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Commits on Mar 5, 2012
  1. The fromString function fail as the http headers returned by $_SERVER…

    … variables are of the form HTTP_USER_AGENT.
    I do not know if this is the right way to do it, but line 19 won't validate as the headers are cleaned up for the HTTP_ prefix but the _ signs are never replaced by -, hence the validation fail.
    I took the str_replace(array('_', ' ', '.'), '-', strtolower($name)) idea from the file Zend/Http/Headers.php on line 284 as this is the way the $key variable is created.
    If anyone finds a better way to do it please message me.
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. @akrabat
  2. Updated Navigation view helper to return false instead of throwing an…

    Kyle Spraggs authored
    … exception when an ACL resource does not exist.
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @Bittarman

    Merge pull request #741 from EvanDotPro/hotfix/module-loader-glob-array

    Bittarman authored
    Make sure glob attempt always returns an array.
  2. @Bittarman

    Merge pull request #749 from weierophinney/hotfix/simpy-remove

    Bittarman authored
    Removed Zend_Service_Simpy
  3. @weierophinney

    Removed Zend_Service_Simpy

    weierophinney authored
    - Service no longer exists (per Matthew Turland)
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
  1. @EvanDotPro

    Make sure glob attempt always returns an array.

    EvanDotPro authored
    Noticed by @Danielss89 on IRC, it appears that glob() will return boolean false
    in some cases.
    To quote a comment from
    "If you have open_basedir set in php.ini to limit which files php can execute,
    glob(...) will return false when there are no matching files. If open_basedir is
    not set, the very same code will return an empty array in the same situation."
Commits on Jan 16, 2012
  1. @weierophinney
  2. @weierophinney

    Merge branch 'feature/cloud' of into f…

    weierophinney authored
  3. @weierophinney
  4. @weierophinney
  5. @weierophinney
  6. @weierophinney

    Merge branch 'hotfix/di-display-console' of

    weierophinney authored
    … into hotfix/di-console-improvements
  7. @weierophinney

    Merge branch 'feature/classmap-comment' of…

    weierophinney authored
    …Pro/zf2 into hotfix/classmap-generator-timestamp
  8. @weierophinney
  9. @weierophinney

    CS cleanup of JSON-compliant support

    weierophinney authored
    - CS cleanup -- imports, docblocks, etc.
    - Ensured that AMF server also supports new Server interface features
  10. @weierophinney
  11. @weierophinney

    Fix inheritance issue

    weierophinney authored
    - Storage\Part\Exception was extending Storage\Part\Exception -- hence,
      fatal error
    - Modified to extend Storage\Exception
    - Reported by Sebastian Bergmann
  12. @ezimuel
  13. @rafalwrzeszcz
  14. @m0ppers

    Add missing namespace Zend\Db

    m0ppers authored
  15. @rafalwrzeszcz
Commits on Jan 15, 2012
  1. @jtai

    Pass a specific definition into renderClassDefinition()

    jtai authored
    When printing definitions, we should only print the classes, methods, and
    parameters provided by the current definition. For example, if a DefinitionList
    has two definitions -- a RuntimeDefinition and an ArrayDefinition loaded from
    an out-of-date compiled definition -- we should print the good info under the
    RuntimeDefinition and the stale info under the ArrayDefinition. Passing the
    current definition into renderClassDefinition() makes this possible. The
    current implementation (before this patch) ignores the current definition and
    always queries the DefinitionList for the first definition that has the class
    defined. In the earlier example, this would print the good info under the
    ArrayDefinition, which is misleading.
    This patch also fixes a subtle bug caused by nested calls to the
    SplDoublyLinkedList iterator. In the current implementation, the render()
    method iterates over the DefinitionList (which extends SplDoublyLinkedList). In
    the loop, it calls renderClassDefinition(), which calls the DefinitionList's
    getMethods() and getMethodParameters() methods. These methods also iterate over
    the DefinitionList, resetting the current position and causing the outer loop
    to lose its place. As a result, render() would fail to print all configured
    definitions in some cases. This patch doesn't query the DefinitionList in
    renderClassDefinition(), so the outer loop should behave as expected.
Commits on Jan 14, 2012
  1. @EvanDotPro

    Remove timestamp from classmap generator comment.

    EvanDotPro authored
    Pointed out by @jtai on IRC, with the timestamp included, the classmap generator
    is no longer idempotent. Because projects will generally live within a VCS,
    having timestamps in the file is a bit redundant anyway.
Commits on Jan 13, 2012
  1. @wdalmut
  2. @wdalmut
  3. @wdalmut
  4. @rafalwrzeszcz
  5. @rafalwrzeszcz
  6. @rafalwrzeszcz
  7. @Bittarman

    Merge pull request #729 from EvanDotPro/feature/classmap-comment

    Bittarman authored
    Add comment to generated classmap files.
  8. @rafalwrzeszcz
  9. @rafalwrzeszcz
  10. @rafalwrzeszcz
  11. @rafalwrzeszcz
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