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Table of Contents

Welcome to the Step Project Wiki

Here you will find various information on how to use the application. Browse the sidebar on the right to view the topics.

What is the Step Project?

This project will be used to log the activities of a group and assist with the investigation should a security breach occurs.

Currently, the project has the following features:

  • User Login and Password Recovery.
  • User Privileges
  • Activity Logging that can track the following information:
    • Action Type
    • Action
    • Project
    • Team
    • Date and Time
    • Description
  • User, Team, Action and Action Type Creation
  • Team Management
  • Statistics, including:
    • Team Statistics
    • Project Statistics
    • User Statistics
    • Custom Statistics
    • Comparing Statistics
  • Highly Customizable Search Functionality
  • Administrative Functions:
    • Table Editing

Features in Progress

  • Automated Incidence Report
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Have Issues?

Please report all issues in the issues tab located in the github repository for this project.