Honey Badger don't care - he will show your Rails.env, your deployment info, whatever.
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Get a nice, clean badge displaying your Rails Environment or other helpful info. Want to display last deploy date? Or maybe the status of some app wide settings? Throw it in HoneyBadger! He just doesn't care!

HoneyBadger Demo

Usage (requires Rails 3.1)

Add to your Gemfile:

gem "honey_badger"

In your application layout somewhere, probably just below your body tag, render the honey_badger helper:

<%= honey_badger unless Rails.env.production? %>

If you want to display something other than the current environment name, just pass it in:

<%= honey_badger "Don't Care" %>

Or pass in an array to display more than one interesting fact in your badge (each will be displayed on its own line):

<%= honey_badger ["eats larva", "skin is loose"] %>

Add the require for the css in your application.css (using Rails 3.1 sprockets awesomeness):

 *= require honey_badger

Make sure to put the honey_badger above your own SCSS requires, or else the honey badger might get nasty. It'll just take what it wants.


You can customize colors and add custom environment names by importing honey_badger into your SCSS file. Let's say you like the color green and your Rails.env is demo:

@import 'honey_badger';

.honey-badger.demo {
  @include corner-banner(#336600);

To see what else you can customize, take a look at honey_badger.css.scss.


  • Rob Sanheim
  • Jamie Kite

This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.