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Thanksgiving: Turkey is overrated

Thanksgiving was good times. We went to Milwaukee yesterday for my side of the family, and had Amanda's side of the fam to our house today. Yesterday we had something like thirty people in my sister's house, which was a bit chaotic and claustrophobic, but it was still fun.

Today was quite a bit more relaxed, as we only had about ten people total in our house. Leif had a pretty good time running around and screaming with his little lawn mower. I was amazed that our normally neurotic German Shepard actually calmed down and got used to all the people. Maybe someone was slipping him some wine on the side.

I enjoyed the food, but I really only enjoyed the sides and appetizers. I've never liked turkey. Even when its cooked well and tender, its so bland - if I have to drown something in gravy to eat it, why bother? I proprose we make New York strip steak the American holiday food. I see no reason to continue with the obsolete old bird.

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