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Sunday morning surfing

This morning gave me a rare oppurtunity to catch up on feeds and do some random surfing. The new job has meant way less time for pointless surfing, which is mostly a good thing but also means I don't get to find gems like these:

  • Danah Boyd, who is well known for her research on social communities such as MySpace, Friendster, and blogs in general, has written about her experience in having a Wikipedia entry written for her. The resulting discussion of whether she is "notable" enough to have an entry on Wikipedia, and what constitues notable for Wikipedia, is fascinating.
  • Scott Berkun is a project management consultant and author who worked at Microsoft for almost ten years. His thoughts on the whole Vista fiasco is a perspective well worth reading.
  • This tour of Microsoft's Mac lab is cool, if nothing else then for its value as nerd-porn (ie pics of 150 mac minis end to end).
  • Seagate leaked plans for a 750 gig harddrive, so the dream of terabyte harddrives can't be more then a couple years away.
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