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This is an ongoing personal collection of over 5000+ sites and resources that I use or have used in the past to learn programming, puzzle-solving, web development and other intellectually stimulating things, categorized (more or less). Contains my blogroll, websites, software, Reddit/YouTube subscriptions, Medium/ blogs, IRC channels, HN/ Overflow/Codepen profiles/articles I follow, podcasts, browser add-ons, Linux tools, Vim/tmux/Emacs plugins I use and everything.

In short, this is my attempt to organize my links, a directory of my "public" bookmarks. Feedback and contributions are appreciated.

Links are in the src/docs/ directory.

View all links:

Built using mdBook.


Disclaimer: The categorization of resources and software that I list here are for personal reference only. Not every open source software out there is more secure than other proprietary options. Please do a thorough research before using any of this stuff.


  • Dynamic website with tagging system and a full featured public API.
  • Browser (Firefox/Chromium) extensions to see other similar sites in this collection like the one you're in right now.
  • CLI tool to access the collection from the terminal.


If you find this helpful, consider making a contribution: 1BbVzfZ164GUrwKKrSifddxTFuoNfdJorJ