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Collection of GitHub repos, blogs and websites to learn cool things, Goodies for nerds
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This is an ongoing personal collection of over 2000+ sites and resources that I use or have used in the past to learn stuff like programming, puzzle-solving, web development and other intellectually stimulating things, categorized(more or less). Most of these are from my browser bookmarks. Contains blogs, websites, my GitHub/GitLab/... stars(which I manage with my bookmark manager, not GH itself), Gists, Subreddits, YouTube channels, Medium/ blogs, IRC channels, HN/ profiles/articles I follow, Podcasts I listen to, Browser Add-ons, Linux Hacks, Vim/Tmux/Emacs plugins I use and everything.

In short, this is my attempt to organize my knowledge. Feedbacks and contributions welcome.




Go to docs/ subdirectory to see more unsorted/extra links.

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