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Forge VRaptor Plugin
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The VRaptor plugin is listed in the Forge plugin repository so installation is trivial. In Forge type:

forge install-plugin vraptor

That's it! The plugin will be downloaded and installed.

Creating a new project

new-project --named myproject --topLevelPackage com.mylabs.myproject

Setting up the pesistence

The vraptor beans are not managed by container, but by yourself. Therefore, we'll create a non jta datasource to connect to JBoss AS 7 Example DataSource.

persistence setup --named default --provider HIBERNATE --container CUSTOM_NON_JTA --jndiDataSource java:jboss/datasources/ExampleDS

Setting up the vraptor scaffold

The following command will create the layout files, index jsp and index controller.

scaffold setup --scaffoldType vraptor

Creating a JPA Entity

Now, we will create an simple entity and some fields.

entity --named Person
field string --named name
field int --named age

Creating the user interface for an entity

scaffold from-entity

Building the project


Deploying on JBoss AS 7

forge install-plugin jboss-as-7
as7 setup
as7 deploy (with the server on)


This plugin is open source and is waiting for your contributions. Please fork this plugin and hack away!

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