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# ArduinoISP
This is a sketch that allows your Arduino to work as a STK500v1 programmer.
+See the excellent [Arduino as AVR ISP](
+tutorial on
+Please report issues on the [mega-isp](
+site at
## Use a recent version!
+Arduino IDE 1.00 was released 30 November 2011
+Check out latest available Arduino IDE from:
+If your Arduino IDE version is <= Arduino-0023:
The ArduinoISP that ships as an example with the Arduino software is old.
-You can download the ArduinoISP.pde here and replace the one you find
+You can download the ArduinoISP.ino here and replace the one you find
in ...\arduino-002x\examples\ArduinoISP.
This version is known to work with the avrdude that ships with Arduino-0023.
That is an older version of avrdude (5.04, latest is 5.11).
-Please report issues on the [mega-isp](
-site at
-Also see the excellent [Arduino as AVR ISP](
-tutorial on

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