Exploring Clue (Cluedo) with a SAT solver
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Clue, SAT, knowledge games

This is a little experiment with knowledge games like Clue. It started life as a "clue assistant" to help me beat my friends and neighbors at the game, but evolved into a platform for learning more about the game itself. It may or may not still be usable as a clue assistant, although it certainly isn't hard to use the ideas herein to make a mighty fine one.

See the post at http://seanbowman.me/blog/clue-sat-logic for more information.

Install, Build, Run

The only dependency other than Python 2.7 ish is CryptoMiniSat. Install that and it should just work. The file clue.py contains a main function that has the computer play itself with a small variety of settings (number of players, number of games, etc.)

What did humanity learn?

Probably not much, but smartplay.txt contains a game in which a player wins by observing that another player passes (instead of making an accusation) at the end of their turn. That was a smart play! This scenario answers a question of van Ditmarsch in "The description of game actions in Cluedo." Answering variations on that question was one impetus for writing the program you're looking at.