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The Personal Website of Sean Bowman

This is part of my site, I don't keep the whole thing on here because I have lots of draft posts and experiments and stuff laying around. It's enough to give an idea of how you can cobble together a decent blog with metalsmith, though, so I thought I'd share it.


The blog mostly uses metalsmith, a cool, small framework for creating static sites and other stuff. I use jade for templates, and a little handlebars for "inline" templating, which is to say being able to use little functions and helpers in my markdown posts.

I migrated the blog from a middleman site, and to keep the URLs the same, I wrote a tiny custom plugin to grab the base file name of the blog posts. Also, I use a customized version of markdown-it that let's me use MathJax in my posts and adds the potential for other plugin style goodies.


The website is built using make. I switched from Gulp because it's dumb. The targets should be pretty obvious.