D3 visualizations of the TILO algorithm for finding clusters in graphs
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Tilo D3

This is code to accompany the blog post "Graph clustering, TILO, and interactive demos" on my blog; the url is http://seanbowman.me/blog/tilo-demo/. The algorithm is based on the paper Topological graph clustering with thin position by Jesse Johnson. Any mistakes are mine, anything cool is due to him.

If you'd like to play around with the code yourself, you can npm run build to get a (pretty bare) index file populated with the visualizations from the blog post. The tilo component is in tilo-demo.js, some example graphs are in a correspondingly named file.

Please don't judge me based on this code -- I hope to have time to rewrite it sometime soon. It will be faster, better, nicer, more user friendly! (If only there were more time, sigh...)